Name "That"
Jp name アレ (are)
Hair Color No Hair
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Information
Status Deceased ( Killed by Flandre )
Race Unknown
Gender Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Group Assassins
Manga Unknown
Anime Episode 8
OVA No Appearance
Japanese No Seiyu
English No Seiyu
That is the monster who sucks human Life/(Flesh In Manga) in the Motel Sasanaki. Zeppeli is the one who release That to the Motel.


That appears to be a spider like with eyesballs around his body. That have 8 legs.


That Appearance


List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#8 Princess Secret RoomEdit

  • Princess Secret Room
  • That lurking in the shadows
  • That seen in the shadows
  • That leaving Guest#5 body
  • That finally reveal himself
  • That see Hiro
  • That jump to his next victim
  • That flying towards Hiro
  • That missed Hiro
  • That land to the ground
  • That use the sewer to escape
  • That leave the body of Guest#4
  • That holds guest#2 risk
  • That keep his position
  • That block Hiro's attack
  • That break the umbrella
  • That being pulled by Riza
  • That ready to jump to Guest#2 mouth
  • That jump to Guest#2 mouth
  • That completely take over Guest#2 body
  • That going to attack Hime
  • That and Hime is going to clash
  • That got pierce
  • That got step by Hime
  • That try to escape
  • That die on Flandre's foot

In the first scene That seen in a bottle hold by Zeppeli.

That first victim is (Guest#1 ) the fat bald guy. And after the first victim was seen That move to his next victim, the girl wearing a violet T-shirt (Guest#3 ).

While the others was busy solving the problem That was seen by a kid name Yuki crawling around in the place.

After the others being informed that a giant spider was lurking around the motel That decided to appear.

Using yuki's mother Tomoko That appear to the other guests by making the mouth of this guest like an exit. And when That finally out, That see Hiro. That jump to Hiro but Hiro dodge him and when That failed he escape by entering the sewer.

In the motel when the guest having a conversation That already possess (Guest#4) the guy wearing a eye glassess. After That possess this guest like the previous victim That did the same thing when he leave Guest#4 body.

While the others is still in shocked That find his new vessel, That jump to the risk of the guy wearing red T-Shirt (Guest#2 ). And after that Riza try to remove That to the arms of Guest#2 but That is to strong when suddenly he formed himself like a rod and ready to jump again to the mouth of his next victim. Several seconds later That completely take over the body of Guest#2.

Fighting TypeEdit

The type of fighting skills use by this character.

- That using another body to fight.

Take OverEdit



Possession- That like possessing another body in order to feed and to defend himself .


The relationship of this character to the other characters.




He is the one who release That to the Motel.


  • That is based on the 1982 and 2011 Horror film The Thing.
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