Prince Emile


Name Emile
Jp name エミール (Emiru)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Scarlet
Personal Information
Status Deceased
Race Phoenix
Gender Male
Relatives Fuhito (Distant Relative)

Duken (Distant Relative)

Sylvia (Eldest Sister)

Gilliam (Eldest Brother)

Salieri (Older Brother)

Severin (Younger Brother)

Hime (Younger Sister)

Sherwood (Youger Sister)

Group Royal Family
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Anime Episode 19
OVA Episode 2
Japanese Akira Ishida

Yuya Uchida

English David Wald
Emile is the Fourth Prince and the Third son of the current king of the Royalty.


He wears a white shirt and black pants.

Emile appearance

Emile Appearance


He is a quiet person and a gentleman. Although he doesn't show it, he really cares for the sake of his vassals and those who are weak and cannot defend themselves. He hates war and is against violence. He is gifted in knowledge and power; he uses these gifts for good.

He is the most gifted among the siblings. It proves that he has the qualities to be the ruler of The Monster Kingdom.


Fighting TypeEdit

- Emil is not a fighter but when he wants to defend himself he uses his special abilities.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Emile Anime Psychokinesis
  • Emile OVA Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis - He uses this to defend himself. By using this he can blow his enemies away and cause massive damage.

Sacred Royal Flame - He obtains it when he dies.



Flanders is Emil's personal Android.

Keziah Bold

Keziah is his werewolf vassal. He sees Keziah as a true warrior.


Sledge is the most loyal and trusted servant he has.


Madeleine is his Blood Warrior. He saved Madeline on the ghost cruise when she died.

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