List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#1 Princess ResurrectionEdit

  • Princess Resurrection
  • Flandre carrying the Luggage
  • Hime with Flandre ready to fight
  • Lobo stop the attacked of flandre

In the beginning of the series she was shown carrying the luggage of Hime.She was also in danger when some steal beams accidentally fall.

In the fight against Lobo she was fighting and protecting Hime from getting killed but failed because lobo is too fast.

Ep#2 Princess DestructionEdit

  • Princess Destruction
  • Flandre holding a tray of Tea set
  • Flandre Scanning
  • Flandre see Invisible Man
  • Flandre throw a knife
  • Flandre stop Hime
  • Flandre is patroling
  • Hiro with Flandre watching the house burn

Along side with Hime Flandre was holding a Tea set while Hime explaing everything to Hiro in the living room.

After that when Flandre see Invisible Man caught Hiro

Using her scanner she manage to stabbed the intruder by a knife to save Hiro.

When suddenly Hime is gonna cut Hiro she stop Hime saying that Invisible Man is escaped

While Hiro and Hime is in the kitchen Flandre is patroling the area.

When Invisible Man try to escape againg after he almost kill Hiro Flandre corner him. And Hime order her to get out on the house.Flandre standing outside watching the mansion burn with Hiro and saw Hime cut Invisible Man.

Ep#3 Princess RampageEdit

  • Princess Rampage
  • Flandre with Sawawa serving Hime
  • Flandre ask Hime if she could revive the cat
  • Flandre crushed trough the wall with a truck
  • Flandre inside the truck
  • Flandre stuck inside the truck
  • Flandre ask Hime if she could revive the rat

While serving Hime Flandre hear that if Hime have more servants even hundreds of assassins come to her she will easily defeat them. So flandre was looking for servants and when she find a dead cat she ask Hime if she could revive it in addition to her servants. Sadly Hime refuse to revive it and instead hime order her to buried it.

After buried it flandre hear something so he rush to the mansion with a truck she crushed the wall to save hime. Hime order her to follow Riza.

When they corner riza the truck turn upside down when riza pick it up and flandre stuck inside.

In the last scene Flandre brought a dead rat asking hime again if she could revive it causing hime to get angry.

Ep#4 Princess NegotiationEdit

  • Princess Negotiation
  • Flandre driving the car
  • The towel is in the face of Flandre
  • Flandre sinking

She was seen driving the car and chase by Riza.

In the vacation house of Hime she ask by hime if they have jetski.

At the night in the cabin riza throw her towel to flandre.

When the house move straight to the lake she was seen sinking down by the water.

Ep#5 Princess BloodlineEdit

  • Princess Bloodline
  • Flandre listening to Hime
  • Flandre with Hime
  • Flandre push Hiro
  • Flander alongside with Hime
  • Flandre try to catch Reiri
  • Flandre is falling downstares
  • Flandre after she fall
  • Flandre holding Reiri's legs
  • Flandre still holding Reiri's legs
  • Flandre and Riza watching Hime reviving Hiro

She was seen standing beside hime while explaining about vampires.

When Hiro comes home and try to got to Hime she was order to attacked hiro, she push hiro seeing he still weak even he turn into a low class vampire.

In the stares she was standing with hime watching Reiri to come in. She was ordered by hime to attack but failed because when she attack reiri the vampire scatter into bats causing her to fell down the stares.

When hime get the steak pointing to reiri she was seen holding the legs of reiri incase of posibility of escaping.

When hime spare the life of reiri she was seen still holding her.

After that along side with riza they were watching hime reviving hiro.

Ep#6 Princess AllianceEdit

  • Princess Alliance
  • Flandre stop Riza
  • Flandre throw by Francesca
  • Flandre carrying a rock
  • Flandre standing beside Hime
  • Flandre can easily walk through vines
  • Flandre with the gas
  • Flandre open the gas
  • Flandre throw the gas
  • Flandre with the others watching Triffid chasing Sherwood
  • Flandre with Hime and Riza when the sun sets
  • Flandre with Francesca
She appeared when Riza is loosing to Francesca and sub riza in the fight. She was throw by francesca into the walls but stand up again and throw a big rock back to francesca.

In the middle of the fight while holding the rock she was stop by Hime.

When Triffid attack the mansion she was seen caught by vines but when hime order her to get the gas she easily take off the vines. When she got the gas hime order her to throw it to the monster mouth causing an explotion.

In the forest she was seen watching Triffid chasing sherwood.

In the last scene she was seen standing with Francesca.

Ep#7 Princess ElectricityEdit

  • Princess Electricity
  • Flandre's charging is complete
  • Flandre awakes after the charging is done
  • Flandre go to the living room
  • Flandre blush
  • Flandre with Sawawa after Hime done her meal
  • Flandre thinking what Hime forget
  • Flandre with Riza listening to Hime
  • Flandre hear what Hime forgot to do
  • Flandre with Hime and Riza searching Hiro
  • Flandre with Hime talking to Reiri
  • Flandre scanning the area
  • Flandre destroy the wall
  • Flandre throw a nurse
  • Flandre with Hime break through to the operating room
  • Flandre holding a adaptor
  • The adaptor connected to Flandre's battery
  • Flandre release maximum output of electricity
  • Flandre after use all her power
  • Flandre tie in a rope
  • Flandre being pulled
  • Flandre seen being pulled by Hiro and Riza

In her room flandre seen charging.

When she done charging she went to the living room and blush when hime tell sawawa that she is the one who using the electricity too much.

In the living room again she was seen standing beside riza and when Hime remember what she forgot to do she follow hime to find hiro.

In their way reiri went to them and tell hime that she see hiro in the Sasanagi Hospital.

When they arive at the hospital flandre order by hime to scan the area and find hiro.

They walk through the hospital walls and see Riza fighting some nurses.When they arive at the operating room hime use her as the battery of the defibillator to shocked all the nurses standing on the door.While hime talking to housei she was seen holding a adaptor connected to her.

After the fight she was seen pulling by Hiro and Riza.

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