Name Francesca
Jp name フランシスカ (Furanshisuka)
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Personal Information
Status Alive
Race Android
Gender Female
Relatives Frankenstein (Father)

Frank (Brother)

Francette (Sister)

Franzel (Brother)

Flatirus (Brother)

Flanders (Brother)

Franz (Brother)

Flandre (Sister)

Group Sherwood House Members
Manga CH6
Anime EP6
Japanese Rika MORINAGA
English Stephanie WITTELS
The gynoid serving Sherwood. She was made by Frankenstein.


She appears as a maid with glasses.




List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep# Princess AllianceEdit

  • Princess Alliance
  • Francesca with Sherwood when they arrive in Sasanagi city
  • Francesca standing behind Sherwood
  • Francesca stop Riza's punch
  • Francesca looking to Riza
  • Francesca easily throw Riza
  • Francesca scanning Riza and Flandre
  • Francesca throw Flandre
  • Francesca punch the rock
  • Francesca stop by Sherwood
  • Francesca standing beside Sherwood
  • Francesca order by Sherwood to plant Triffid
  • Francesca plant Triffid
  • Francesca leaving with Sherwood
  • Sherwood's tent in the forest
  • Francesca with Sherwood
  • The tent move
  • Francesca with Sherwood see Triffid
  • Francesca carry Sherwood away
  • Francesca with a tree
  • Francesca still holding the tree
  • Francesca with Flandre

She was seen with Sherwood when they arrive in Sasanaki City. In their way of finding the mansion of Hime they see Hiro and sherwood ask him if he know the location of the mansion.

When they arrive at the mansion Riza attack sherwood and francesca immedietly protect sherwood. She easily stop the punch of riza and throw her away, when she see Flandre she grab her head and throw her into the walls.

She punch the rock that flandre throw to her and then sherwood and hime stop them for fighting each other.

While sherwood and hime talking she was seen standing beside her.

When they leave the house sherwood order her to release the man-eating plant (Triffid ). She plant triffid in the backyard infront of the mansion.

In the forest she and sherwood talking in the tent when suddenly triffid attack them.

She carry sherwood away, she grab a tree and hit Triffid but failed she was sent flying by triffid.

In the last scene she was seen standing with Flandre while sherwood flirting hiro.

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