Fishman Chief


Name Unknown
Jp name Unknown
Hair Color White (His Beard)
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Information
Status Alive
Race Gillman
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Group Other Monsters
Manga CH5
Anime EP4
OVA No Appearance
Japanese No Seiyu
English No Seiyu
He is the leader of the fishmans were Hime and the others fought in the Vacation House.


He appears like a Fish elder



They were vanished from monster world by the Royal Family and live into the Human world.


Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#4 Princess NegotiationEdit

  • Princess Negotiation
  • The Fish man Leader sitting on his chair
  • The leader amazed when Hime know what they up to
  • The leader listening to Hime
  • The leader trembling because he see the giant beaten up
  • The leader surprised when he hear they wont be punished
  • The leader and the rest of the tribe saying goodbye

He appears when they caught Hime and the others.

He tell Hime that they are vanished in the monster world and throw into the human world by the Royal Family and they want revenge.

They another reason why they are not killing hime, they want immortal bodies. But when they hear Hime what they gonna do to obtained it he was shocked by hearing to obtained it they must die.

He think that they want immortality but he dont want to kill themselves. When suddenly the giant fishman appears saying that Hime is lying.

In the fight between the giant and riza he seen trembling because he see the giant beaten up by riza.

When he ask hime if they be punished he was surprised when hime say no.

In the end he tell hime that if she need their help they will help her.

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