Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#1 Princess ResurrectionEdit

  • Princess Resurrection
  • Hiro look in his sisters letter
  • Hiro met Hime
  • Hiro die
  • Hiro see a corpse
  • Lobo kill hiro
  • Hime resurrect Hiro by using the Royal Blood

It starts with a young boy named Hiro who moved to Sasanaki City to find his sister Sawawa .

On his way of searching he find a beautiful blond women with a cute little maid.Some pillars from the construrtion site fell straight to the women,he rush to save her in great danger and he manage to save her but he end up dead.

When hiro's wake up he notice that he's laying in a bed of Sasanaki Hospital Morgue and shocked when he see a corpse and starts running and realized that he was already dead, suddenly his body stop and in someway he sense that someone is calling him and see the mansion lights is on. He went to the mountain and see the women again being attaked by a Werewolf.

When the werewolf is running to the women he jump to the bushes run to the women and stop the attacked of the werewolf (Later known as Lobo Wildman) using his body as a shield.

After being killed by lobo he resurrect again by the women by using the Royal Blood and introduce herself as a princess (Hime) and its the beginning of his new life as a Blood Warrior and follow her to the depths of the hell.

EP# 2 Princess DestructionEdit

  • Princess Destruction
  • Hiro introduce himself to the class
  • Hiro fell into the floor
  • Hiro's Royal Blood is running off
  • Hiro being attacked by Hime
  • Hiro slice by Hime
  • Hiro locked the gate
  • Invisible Wires
  • Hime stoping Hiro to give their location
  • Hiro caught by Invisible man
  • Hiro with Flandre watching the house burn

This is Hiro's first day of the class so he wants to have a good impretion so he try to tell a joke about his name but failed when the teacher tell him to sit he accidentally lost his balance and fell to the floor and his classmate start laughing.

On his way home he help a little girl get the baloon but the wind change direction so the baloon flew away and end up in a tree.He climb the tree and get the balloon but suddenly he feels dizzy and fell,The mother of the girl call the police but when the police arrive they see Hiro alive.

When Hiro is finally get home he notice that the gate is stop moving and like someone is trying to go inside.He shocked when he see the house totally wreck up and suddenly Hime attacked him by a chainsaw but he dodge it.

He sneak to the living room to see what is Hime doing but he slice by Hime .

When hiro wakes up Hime explain to him why he lost contiousness. Hiro learn that he possessed a Half Immortality and Hime say that there was a intruder in the house name Invisible Man . He get sawawa and push outside and say that the house is dangerous right now,after that he go back to Hime to help her and suddenly something slice his feet, Hime say to him that be carefull because invisible man put his favorite weapon around the house the Invisible Wire.

While Hime busy finding Invisible man he walk upstares and felt that invisible man is behind him,When he thought that its just a shadow he continue to walk and suddenly he caught by Invisible Man.Flandre save him afterwards and when Hime see him he try to cut him again but flandre stop him and says the invisible man escape.

When Hime destroy the Electric fuse he use the lighter to get a light but Hime stop him. While Hime and Hiro talking he notice the wire and get it to save Hime from invisible man.

When Hiro awakes Hime order him to get out the house,watch the house burn and see the Invisible Man die when Hime slice him by the Chainsaw.

Ep#3 Princess RampageEdit

  • Princess Rampage
  • The truck is moving backward
  • Hiro stuck
  • Riza help Hiro
  • Hiro asked by Riza
  • Hiro say he will take care of everything
  • Hiro stop Riza
  • Hiro protect Hime
  • Hiro hug Riza
  • Hiro punch by Riza

In the way home Hiro saw a puppy in danger.He save the puppy but end up stuck in the back of the truck.

He was helped by a women named Riza on the truck when she see hiro as a good person. Hiro stop riza for calling the ambulance and explain that he have Half Immortality.

Riza ask him were is his master and then riza get her motor and say dont interfere.

He dash to the mansion but he see Sawawa and stop her to come home and say he will take care of everything then go straight to the mansion.

When he arrive to the mansion he see Hime fighting riza so he try to stop Riza but riza is to strong. In the chase he saw Riza is gonna kill hime so he try to protect hime.

When Riza calms down he lost contiuosness and take a rest.

In the end he hug riza and ask her to bring him back to Hime and riza punch hiro send him flying.

Ep#4 Princess NegotiationEdit

  • Princess Negotiation
  • Hiro see Riza
  • Hiro grab by Riza
  • Hiro get by Hime in the car
  • Hiro take a rest
  • Hiro with Riza using the Speed Boat
  • Hiro talking to riza
  • Riza tell them that she smell an enemy
  • Hiro see Flandre is sinking
  • Hiro together with Riza pedaling the Duck Boat
  • Hiro and the others surrounded
  • Hiro shocked when he see the giant
  • Hiro stand up to protect Hime
  • Hiro caught by a fishing pole
  • Hiro forced by Riza to come with her

When Hiro is walking he see Riza in front of the gate and ask her if she want to see Hime.

He was grab by riza and deny his question but later admit it and then suddenly Hime get him with a car .

They were chase by riza and then later they arrive at Hime's vacation house were they stay. Hiro get tired because of a long trip he lay in the couch.

In the morning he was seen with riza using the Speed Boat.

When take a walk back to the cabing riza tell to him that she want to talk to hime.

In the cabin riza tell them that their was an enemy lurking into the place when suddenly the cabin move straight to the lake. And when Hiro get up he see flandre sinking he want to help her but flandre is to heavy so they leave flandre.

He and Riza start pedaling the duck after hime order them. When they pedaling it the enemies following them.

When they reach the land they see a place full of fishmans and they were surrounded.

Hiro and riza tied up when suddenly the leader of the fishmans came. He hear that the enemies want immortality and then the giant appears and accuse hime is lying. When the giant is ready to atttack hime he go to hime and act like he will protect hime and when hime ask him what he was doing he look to hime and he was hit by the giant send him flying.

After the fight to the Fishmans he was catch by a fishman using a fish pole, and then they go home.

In the last scene hiro cleaning in front of the gate when riza came to her ask him to eat and when he refuse he was forced to come.

Ep#5 Princess BloodlineEdit

  • Princess Bloodline
  • Hiro carrying his classmates bags
  • He stop by Reiri
  • Hiro see Reiri zipped his zipper
  • Hiro surprised
  • Hiro watching Reiri while walking
  • Hiro facing the wrath of the students
  • Reiri ask him if she could sit next to him
  • Reiri whisper to Hiro
  • Hiro is in a good mood
  • Hiro is blushing after Reiri call him
  • Hiro become a low class vampire
  • Hiro recognized Hime
  • Hiro let Reiri to come in
  • Hiro with the wooden steak and the cross sword
  • Hiro after resurrect and heal by Hime
  • Reiri whisper to Hiro again

In the school hiro seen carrying the bags of his classmates and later he was called by Reiri.

When he face to reiri suddenly reiri kneel down to him and zipped his unzipped zipper.

He was surprise when reiri do that and say thank you several times, and then ask him what is his name.

After that while watching reiri walking he see her loose her balance and immedietly run to her to help but it seems reiri is okay.

And after that all the students are looking at hiro bad and then grab him in the head.

While eating eating his lunch in cafeteria reiri came by and ask him if she can sit their and he say yes. He eat fast the rice and then see reiri watching him he ask her if something wrong in his face but reiri said nothing wrong.

And when reiri is finish drinking her tomato juice he call reiri kamura senpai but reiri said just call her reiri.

In the mansion Sawawa see Hiro is seen in a good mood. Sawawa call hiro and say someone is calling him, reiri want to meet him in the school roof top and after that he was seen blushing like he dont know what to do.

In the school roof top he see reiri and when he ask her why they meet at night not in daytime and reiri said she want to show hiro the beauty of the moon when suddenly he look in the eyes of reiri and hiro been control.

When hiro is under the control of reiri reiri bite him in the neck and riza come to save him.Hiro run to the mansion to open the door for reiri to be able to go inside the house.

When reiri is finally in the house he try to attacked hime but when hime say who your real master he stop and recognized hime.

When the fight is over he was seen laying in the floor with the wooden steak and the cross sword.

In the last scene hiro carrying the bags of his classmates again and then reiri come to him and then whisper saying " Lets meet up again at night sometime."

After that he was seen blushing and say " Even she was beautiful, she's quite weird. "

Ep#6 Princess AllianceEdit

  • Princess Alliance
  • Hiro being ask by Sherwood
  • Hiro thinking if the two is assasins or not
  • Hiro calling Hime
  • Hiro with Sherwood while waving
  • Hiro hear Sherwood call Hime Onee-sama
  • Hiro see Riza jump
  • Hiro hit by Riza when she was throw by Francesca
  • Hiro punching by Riza
  • Hiro take cover when the rock smash
  • Hiro sitting in the stares
  • Hiro yelled by Riza
  • The mansion when morning
  • Hiro ask by Sawawa to do the garden after school
  • Hiro in school
  • Hiro is blushing when Reiri want to tell him something
  • Hiro see the mansion cover by vines
  • Hiro removing the vines
  • Hiro hit by the explosion
  • Hiro lost consciousness
  • Hiro see the mansion burning
  • Hiro and the rest watching Triffid chasing Sherwood
  • Hiro push Sherwood
  • Hiro is in the mouth of Triffid
  • Hiro is going to be eaten by Triffid
  • Hiro when Triffid's body is turn into ash
  • Hiro hug by Sherwood
While Hiro is walking a little girl (Later know Sherwood ) with a maid ask him if he could bring them to the mansion. He think if the two is assassins or not but end up bringing them where Hime lives.

When they arrive in the mansion he hear that Sherwood call hime " Onee-san ". While watching sherwood waving Riza jump and attack sherwood but Francesca protect Sherwood and the fight start.

After the fight he was seen sitting on the stares while Riza walking around back and fort. He ask riza how many siblings hime have but riza yell at him.

In the morning Hiro seen still sleeping. When he was ready to go to school Sawawa ask him if he could do the garden after school and then off. After class on the way home Reiri stop him and say if he have time and then went to him like their something she want to tell, but hiro blush and run.

When he arrive at the mansion he see vines all over the place. He try to remove the vines and suddenly an explosion , he lost conciousenes and when he woke up he see the mansion is burning.

While watching the house burn Reiri arrive in the scene and tell Hime that she know where is sherwood now and he was shocked when he hear hime that she want to kill sherwood by herself before her brothers does.

In the forest Hiro and the others watch sherwood chase by Triffid, he say to hime to stop but when hime refuse he jump and push sherwood for being eaten and end up in the mouth of triffid. He punch and punch triffid to escape but triffid is to strong when suddenly he was toss in midair and eat by triffid.

When triffid body is turn into ash he manage to get out.

In the last scene he was seen hug by sherwood and claim that he belongs to her. And ask hime what is the reason of his existence.

Ep#7 Princess ElectricityEdit

  • Princess Electricity
  • Hiro is running
  • Hiro remember his classmates
  • Hiro lost his contiousness when the royal blood runs off
  • Hiro awakes
  • Hiro hear that they will strap him
  • Hiro escape
  • Hiro see numerous nurse in the way
  • Hiro run away
  • Hiro is hiding
  • Hiro is tired
  • Hiro see a doctor
  • Hiro ask the two nurse where is the exit
  • Hiro run away again
  • Hiro hit a cart full of medicines
  • Hiro cant move his body
  • Hiro's reaction when Housei went to him
  • Hiro try to escape
  • Hiro loosing his contious
  • Hiro carry by the nurse
  • Hiro surrounded by nurses
  • Hiro waking up by Housei
  • Hiro after giving by Hime her Royal Blood
  • Hiro listening to Hime
  • Hiro get up
  • Hiro and Riza pulling Flandre
  • Hiro looking at Hime
Hiro seen running because his classmates give him some money to buy they want but suddenly the Royal Blood reaching its limit so he lost his conciousness and fell down to the street.

When he wakes up he find himself in a room located in Sasanagi Hospital and when he hear someone is coming talking about straping him, he escape and run away.

While running he see some nurses with a doctor(Later known Housei Sanagida) blocking the door.The doctor call him Deadman walking and explain to him something about how to achieve immortality, when the doctor is busy he try to run away but the royal blood is reaching to its limit so he cant run away fast.

He run all over the place finding a door away from the hospital and in his way he see another doctor, he ask for help but when the doctor turn around its looks like the other nurses chasing him so he run away again. While running he see a two nurse sitting and when he ask for help its like the others again so he run, he run and bump to a cart full of medicine.

Some nurse hear the noise and see hiro. The doctor appear again and this time he was caught by him and he lost his conciousness again. When he wakes up he find himself laying in a bed surrounded by nurses and the doctor.

After Hime and the others defeat Housei he wakes up feel his normal energy back and see hime infront of him. Hime went to him and say he will loose his immortal life so close.

In their way home hime order him and Riza to carry Flandre bacause flandre's battery is drain up in the battle, so he and riza pull flandre back to the mansion.

While pulling, Hiro look to hime and it seems like he developed a unknown feelings for Hime.

Princess Secret RoomEdit

Ep#9 Princess Black & WhiteEdit

Ep#10 Princess ReminiscenceEdit

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