Housei Sanagida


Name Housei Sanagida
Jp name 蛹田方正 (Sanagida Housei)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Personal Information
Status Deceased (Killed by Flandre)
Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives No Relatives
Group Zeppeli Group Members
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Anime EP7
OVA No Appearance
Japanese Tokuyoshi Kawashima
English David Wald
Hosei Sanagida is the director of the Sasanagi Hospital, and a subordinate of Zeppeli.


He appears to be a mad scientist wearing glasses.


He like to discover the secret to immortality its makes him happy.



List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#1 Princess ResurrectionEdit

  • Princess Resurrection
  • Housei and Zeppeli appear in a dark room

In the first Episode Housei and Zeppeli appear, He was seen with zeppeli when suddenly one of the nurse report that a corpse run away.

Ep#7 ElectricityEdit

  • Princess Electricity
  • Housei playing golf
  • Housei break the pole using the ball he hit
  • Housei saying " Dead Man Walking "
  • Housei introducing himself to Hiro
  • Housei call Hiro Deadman Walking
  • Housei standing near the exit
  • Housei want to know the secret of immortality
  • Housei see Hiro trying to escape
  • Housei attack Hiro
  • Housei holding knifes
  • Housei order the nurses to capture Hiro
  • Housei after they catch Hiro
  • Housei dance of joy
  • Housei with some nurse behind him
  • Housei notice that Hiro is tired
  • Housei want to know the source of his immortality
  • Housei licking his knife
  • Housei and the other nurses carry Hiro to the Operating Room
  • Housei and the nurses surrounding Hiro
  • Housei is going to dissect Hiro
  • Housei checking if the camera is ready
  • Housei hear that Hime and the others arrive
  • Housei order the nurse to capture Hime and the rest
  • Housei see the nurse is fainting
  • Housei attack Hime
  • Housei attack was dodge by Hime
  • Housei shocked by Hime
  • Housei is defeated

In his office he was seen playing golf when a nurse report to him that the corpse run away in the past is brought again in the hospital, when he hear that he laugh.

He appear when Hiro is trying to escape and in their first meeting he called hiro dead man walking.

He explain to hiro that his immortality will save all. While busy explaining he see hiro try to escape, he order his nurses to capture hiro and bring it to him.

When they corner Hiro he was seen dancing while walking straight to Hiro.

When Hiro wake up he was seen standing besides hiro with lot of nurses surrounds him to witness his work. when he was ready to cut hiro a nurse went to him and report that Hime and the others is coming. He order the nurses to capture them and telling that they are his new parts of his experiments when suddenly a lightning strikes in the door causing all the nurse to faint.

He see hime and flandre standing in the door, he ask them how they do have such powerfull output and see a box plug in in flandre's body. He attack hime with a knife but hime dodge it and in his second attempt he was knock out by hime using a defibrillator with a high voltage of electricity.

Fighting TypeEdit

The type of fighting skills use by this character.

-Housei is using Hospital Equipments.

Hospital EquipmentsEdit


Hospital Knife

Hospital Knife - He first use this when he see Hiro trying to escape.


The relationship of this character to the other characters.


He was loyal to zeppeli. He always see zeppeli as his master, and he was a doctor in zeppeli's hospital.

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