Invisible Man


Name Unknown
Jp name Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Personal Information
Status Deceased (Killed by Hime)
Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Group Assassins
Manga CH2 Princess Destruction
Anime EP2 Princess Destruction
OVA No Appearance
Japanese No Seiyu
English No Seiyu
Invisible Man is a assassin paid to kill. He mostly hired by the Royal Family.


Not much

Invisible Man

Invisibleman Appearance


He like killing and respect his job as a assassin. He will not stop until his job is done.


In the past he was hired by Salieri to kill Hime but failed and end up killing Salieri instead.


List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#2 Princess DestructionEdit

  • Princess Destruction
  • Invisible Man use the wire to catch Hime
  • Invisible Wires
  • Invisible Man See Hime
  • Invisible Man stabbed by Flandre
  • Hime cut Invisible Man
  • Invisible Man jump to the window
  • Invisible man kill by Hime

In the park he attacked Hime using the wire but failed and when Hiro is going home he is the one who stop the gate to close.

He use hes favorite weapon the Invisible Wire to take advantage.

After Hime and Hiro conversation he sneak to the room but get notice by Hime so he run away.

Invisible Man saw Hiro alone so he decided to kill him but failed because Flandre stabbed him by a knife.

In his third attemp he want to catch Hime but instead of her he catch Hiro and when he trying to finish Hiro he was cut by Hime and run away again.

When Hime start the fire he jump to the window and attacked Hime but end up dying when Hime swing the chainsaw to him.

Fighting TypeEdit

The type of fighting skills use by this character.

- Invisibleman is using invisible weapons to kill.


Invisible Wire - Invisibleman favorite weapon.


Invisible Wire



  • Invisibleman is based on 2000 science fiction thriller film Hollow Man.
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