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Characters of Princess Resurrection.

This page lists reoccurring or major characters from the series and serves as an index for all character-based articles.


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Status ColorEdit

Alive Deceased Unknown

Royal FamilyEdit

Royal Family

The Elders/The Previous Generation

Judge kaibutsu oujo 23254 Duken duken Fuhito 33363
The King Duken Fuhito

The Siblings/The Present Generation

Sylvia(1) GilliamGilliam Salieri Emile kaibutsu oujo 17438
Sylvia Gilliam Salieri Emile
Severin kaibutsu ouj 23253 Hime kaibutsu oujo 3314 Princess sherwood 17430
Severin Hime Sherwood

Hime House MembersEdit

Hime House Members

Flandre 3311 Hiro hiyorimi 3313 Riza wildman 3312 Reiri kamura 16806
Flandre Hiro Hiroyimi Riza Wildman Reiri Kamura
Sawawa hiyorimi 4704 Nakua 23370
Sawawa Hiyorimi Nakua

Sherwood House MembersEdit

Sherwood House Members

Francesca 17431 Cho cho kaibutsu ouj 35851
Francesca Ryu Ryu

Emile House MembersEdit

Emil House Members

Flanders 23137 Keziah bold 23138 Sledge 23321 Mermaid 17439
Flanders Keizah Bold Sledge


Severin House MembersEdit

Severin House Members
Franz kaibutsu oujo 23258 Mikasa 23255

Micasa (Former)

Gilliam House MembersEdit

Gilliam House Members
Fratellis 23320 Sword Being (2) Eyes


Sword Being Bug

Sylvia House MembersEdit

Sylvia House Members
Francette Kiniski 23353 Labonimicasa Mad
Francette Kiniski Micasa Madeleine

Salieri House MembersEdit

Salieri House Members

Duken/Franken/Fuhito House MembersEdit

Duken/Franken/Fuhito House Members

Zeppeli Group Members Edit

Zeppeli Group Members
Zeppelizeppeli Housei sanagida 17436 Ciel kaibutsu oujo 17437
Zeppeli Housei Sanagida Ciel

Assassins Edit

Lobo wildman 22720 Invisible man kaibut 35315 RIFFID Pharaoh kaibutsu ouj 22880
Lobo Wildman Invisible Man Triffid Pharaoh
Mummy kaibutsu oujo 22881 ShapeShifter (1) Aron kaibutsu oujo 23110
The Mummy The Shapeshifter Aron
Alec kaibutsu oujo 23243 Karim kaibutsu oujo 23245 Sarome kaibutsu oujo 23244
Alec Karim Sarome

Serial KillersEdit

Serial Killers
Masked murderer 22882
The Paperbag Man


Fly man 23355 Prof. Frankenstein
Fly Man Professor Frankenstein

Extraterrestrial Edit

That Day

Other MonstersEdit

Other Monsters
Fishman Tribe
Merman chief 22721 Groooom (1)
Gillman Chief Poseidon
Animal Like
Hiroko 1 Frogy Shigara 23135
Hiroko Frog Ninja Shigara
Knight of sasanaki p 35961 Ghost Shark 2
The Headless Horseman Ghost Shark
Witchcraft User
Witch kaibutsu oujo 23113
The Witch
Kiniski's Guard
The Castle Guard
Monster Prison (Wardens & Prisoners)
Prison warden 23358 Caroline lugosh 23357 Ladd Aiida kanu
Prison Warden Caroline Lugosh Ladd Aida Kanu

Normal CiviliansEdit

Normal Civilians
Unknown Affiliation Characters
Sasanaki City Residents
Master kaibutsu oujo 17428 Nozomi kobuchizawa 17427
The Girl and her Dog Master Bucchi
Motel Sasanaki Guests
Wwww Red 3 Gg nah
Motel Guest 1 Motel Guest 2 Motel Guest 3 Motel Guest 4

Tomako kaibutsu oujo 35849

4 eyes Yuki kaibutsu oujo 35848 Motel Sasanaki Guest 8 & 9 (1)
Motel Guest 5 Motel Guest 6 Motel Guest 7 Motel Guest 8 & 9
Zombie Apocalypse Survivors
Chikao Joujima Apocalypse survivor-3 Zombie apocalypse survivor-1 & 2
Chikao Joujima Apocalypse Survivor 1 Apocalypse Survivor 2& 3
Apocalypse survivor-6 Apocalypse survivor-7 Zombie apocalypse survivor-8 & 9
Apocalypse Survivor 4 Apocalypse Survivor 5 Apocalypse Survivor 6 & 7
Zombie apocalypse survivor-5 Apocalypse survivor-4
Apocalypse Survivor 8 Apocalypse Survivor 9
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