Motel Sasanaki Guest 2


Name Unknown
Jp name Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Status Alive (In Anime)

Deceased (In Manga)

Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Group Motel Sasanaki Guest
Manga CH10 Princess Secret Room
Anime EP8 Princess Secret Room
OVA No Appearance
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
He was one of the guests in the motel when Zeppeli release That.


He was a muscular guy with blonde hair and wearing a red shirt.


He was a womanizer.


List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#8 Princess Secret RoomEdit

  • Princess Secret Room
  • Guest #2 making a move to Hime
  • Guest #2 got scared when Hime look to him
  • Guest #2 lying to escape Hime
  • Guest #2 and the others hear someone scream
  • They all see a fat bald guy laying in the floor
  • Guest #2 see the girl wearing violet T-shirt dead body
  • Guest #2 and the others went to the girl
  • Guest #2 confuse what is happening
  • Guest #2 hear about the disease
  • Guest #2 forcing the owner to explain everything
  • Guest #2 and the others form a search team
  • Guest #2 in his raincoat
  • Guest #2 and Guest #4 arguing
  • Guest #2 and the others witness That appear
  • Guest #2 and the rest of the search team take a rest
  • Guest #2 calmly talking to others
  • Guest #2 look to Guest #4 after what he say
  • Guest #2 smiling like mocking Guest #4
  • Guest #2 and Guest #4 arguing again
  • Guest #2 shocked when That appear in the mouth of Guest #4
  • Guest #2 panicking when That jump to his risk
  • That jump to Guest #2 mouth
  • Guest #2 after That enter his body
  • Guest #2 completely control by That
  • Guest #2 by That's command is getting ready to attack
  • Guest #2 by Thats command and Hime ready to clash
  • Guest #2 by Thats command pierce by Hime
  • Guest #2 after Hime save him from That

He appear when Hime and the others enter the salon. He try to talk to Hime but when Hime stare to him he got scared.

Several seconds after that they hear someone scream and when they go were that scream come from they see a bald wet Guest #1 laying in the ground.

After that He was the one who see the next victim. He see the body of Guest #3 laying in the wall.

They form a search team after they hear the story of the little girl(Named Yuki ) about the giant spider lurking around the Motel. While in the middle of the search the mother of the girl went outside and he and the others witness the giant spider(Named That ) going outside the mouth of the woman.

They go back to the motel after what they saw That. They thinking what they do next and then he got a fight with Guest #4 when suddenly the guy go crazy. They so this guy trembling crazy and then That shows up going out to the mouth of the guy like what happen to the previous victim.

That jump to his risk and then forming his tentacles like a spear and then jump to his mouth. After that That completely take over his body. While That controling his body Hime shows up . Using the break pole he was save by her when she pierce that and pull it outside his body.

After that he was seen ok because after Hime remove that to his body when he fall down to the ground he was seen smiling.

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