Phoenix is the race of Royal Family. They are the ruler of monster world.


The Phoenix appears like a giant bird with a body of shiny golden fire.


  • In the Monster World this is the race of the Royal Family who rules all the monsters.
  • They have the Power to resurrect the dead.
  • When a Phoenix is still a child their body is much like Human.
  • When a Phoenix child become an adult they were turning into their true form.
  • The truth about them is that their is just one Phoenix in other words when they reach adulthood their soul will combined to the Phoenix.
  • Phoenix is the collective soul of the Royalties who reach their adulthood.


  • Royal Blood(In the Anime Royal Flame) - They can Resurrect the dead back to life and gave them half immortality.
  • Psychokinesis - Is the ability to cause massive damage to the target by only using the mind of the user. This abilty is rare because not all the member of the royalty have it only one can possess such power in each generations.
  • Sacred Royal Flame - Is the ability that can perish and burn the enemy without living any trace.
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