Name Poseidon
Jp name ポセイ·どん
Hair Color No Hair
Eye Color Dandelion
Personal Information
Status Alive
Race Fishman
Gender Male
Relatives No Relatives
Group Fishman
Manga Unknown
Anime Ep4
OVA No Appearance
Japanese Shigenori SOYA
English Rob MUNGLE
The Giant Fishman is the one who challenge Hime to a fight.


Poseidon appears to be a giant Fishman.


At first he was seen grumpy but later after he was defeated by Riza he was seen have some soft spot for Riza.


Poseidon and his tribe was vanished to the Monster Kingdom by the Royal Family.


List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#4 Princess NegotiationEdit

  • Princess Negotiation
  • Poseidon Appears
  • Poseidon accusing Hime as a liar
  • Poseidon pointing Hime
  • Poseidon is ready to fight
  • Poseidon do the first attacked
  • Riza hit him in the stomach
  • Poseidon celebrating
  • Riza punch him
  • He see Riza smiling
  • He was rejected
  • Poseidon and the rest of the tribe saying goodbye

He appears when Hime say about how to achieve immortality and accuse her lying.

He challenge hime to a fight and when Hiro interfere he easily defeat him in one hit.

And then when Riza is replacing hime in battle the real fight begins.He do the first blow to riza but riza dodge it and he was punch by her in the face causing him to loose his balance and fell down.

But he easily get up and like he is not hurt and grab riza and send her flying.

When suddenly he see riza came back and fell into her when she say your zipper is unzipped and then riza punch him in the face again.

He blushed when he see riza smile while sitting to him, and then he was punch again by her several times.

In the end he gave riza a rose flower showing he fell inlove to her but get rejected. And after that he say goodbye with the rest of the tribe.


Riza Wildman

He have some romantic feelings to her. To show his feelings he gave riza a rose flower but get rejected.

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