List of Episodes were this character appears.

Ep#5 Princess BloodlineEdit

  • Princess Bloodline
  • Reiri going to school
  • Reiri stop hiro
  • Reiri zipped Hiro's zipper
  • Reiri loose her balance
  • Reiri saying she's okay
  • Reiri asking Hiro if she could sit their
  • Reiri watching Hiro eating
  • Reiri whispering to Hiro
  • Reiri sitting in the roof top
  • Reiri calling Hiro
  • Reiri meet with Hiro
  • Reiri bite Hiro
  • Reiri talking to Riza
  • Reiri dodge Riza's attacked
  • Reiri introducing herself
  • Reiri catch Hime
  • Reiri surprised when she see a wooden steak
  • Reiri saying that the agrreement is useless
  • Reiri see Flandre still holding her legs
  • Reiri see the boys asking her
  • Reiri whispering to Hiro again
While walking to the school she see Hiro carrying the bags of his classmates and notice that Hiro's zipper is unzipped so she went to him and fix it.

After she ask what is the name of Hiro she loose her balanceand fall to the ground, with the help of the other student girl she stand up and continue to walk.

In the cafeteria she accompany Hiro in the desk to eat. When Hiro call her "Kamura senpai" she whisper to Hiro that just call her Reiri.

After class she was seen sitting in the rooftop of the school and say " Our time was finally come ". Later she call Hiro to meet her on the school tonight. When Hiro arrived she control him and then bite him in the neck. Several minutes after she bite Hiro, Riza came and they start talking and mocking each other.

After the conversation they start the fight. She order Hiro to go home and let her in the mansion and when she try to fly to the mansion Riza grab her feet but she was lucky because that night the moon is cresent and her Vampire Abilities is increasing so she easily toss Riza.

In the mansion her plan work she able to come to the house and reveal her true motive, to suck the blood of Hime. In their fierce fight when she tought that she winning she let her guard down and surprise when she see Flandre catch her. While Flandre keep holding her she see Hime holding a Wooden stake made on ashwood and then when she finally surrender and accepting her fate to die Hime spare her life.

She tell Hime that Vampires is not making an agreement to anyone but Hime tell her that she know and then she see her leave.

In the last scene when she go to school a group of guys want her to unzipped their zipper but she just passed them and went straight to Hiro and tease him.

Ep#6 Princess AllianceEdit

  • Princess Alliance
  • Reiris familliar bats watching Hime and Sherwood
  • Reiri's home
  • Reiri's familliar bats reporting to her
  • Reiri wondering if Sherwood's blood is tasty as well
  • Reiri with the girl students asking Hiro if he got a time
  • Reiri want to tell something
  • Reiri flip her hair while seeing Hiro running
  • Reiri arrive at the mansion
  • Reiri saying Hello to Hime
  • Reiri telling Hime that she know the location of Sherwood

While Reiri is in her home her familliar bats report to her that another royalty (Later known as Sherwood ) is in the mansion of Hime.

In the school she was seen with the girls students and talk to Hiro but she didn't finish what she want to say because hiro run.

When the mansion is burning she came to Hime and report that she know where sherwood is now.

Ep#7 Princess ElectricityEdit

  • Princess Electricity
  • Reiri flying in the middle of the night
  • Reiri flying
  • Reiri notice something
  • Reiri peek at the hospital
  • Reiri just see Hiro carry by a group of nurse
  • Reiri greet Hime
  • Reiri report to Hime that she see Hiro
  • Reiri watching Riza running
  • Reiri go to Zeppeli
  • Reiri meet Zeppeli
  • Reiri and Zeppeli is talking
  • Reiri say that todays event is not in good taste
  • Reiri ask Zeppeli if he after Hime's Blood

While flying in the middle of the night she pass by in the hospital and see a group of nurse carrying hiro and take to the operating room.

She went to Hime and the others and report that she saw Hiro in the Sasanagi Hospital.

In the scene were Zeppeli appears she was seen talking to him and they seem getting along to each other.

She ask zeppeli if he after Hime's blood and zeppeli say "who knows" and when zeppeli ask her the same question she say the same answer as zeppeli.

Princess Secret RoomEdit

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