Riza Wildman


Name Riza Wildman
Jp name リザ・ワイルドマン
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Gold
Personal Information
Status Alive
Race Half breed (Werewolf/Human)
Gender Female
Relatives Volg Wildman (Father)

Lobo Wildman (Half Brother)

Group Hime House Member
Manga CH3
Anime EP3
Japanese Yuko Kaida
English Luci Cristian
Riza Wildman is a 16 year old tomboyish girl who is half-human and half-werewolf she is also the servant of princess Hime.

Appearance Edit

Riza is 16 years old, a year younger than Hime, she has short red hair, yellow eyes, a black short sleeved belly shirt that is between her midriff, green pants, boots and sharp teeth. Riza also appears to be kind of hot. She is also known as a tomboy.


Riza is emotional, compassionate at times, short-tempered, tomboyish, headstrong, tough, flirtatious, carless, and physical.


She lost all her relatives and the only one left is her brother Lobo Wldman but later die in order to protect her.

Fighting TypeEdit

The type of fighting skills use by this character.

- Riza is using her Werewolf Abilities to fight.

Werewolves AbilitiesEdit

Riza Paw

Wolf Big Paw

Wolf Big Paw - By transforming her arms into a big wolf paw she fight her enemies in close combat.

Riza Speed


Speed - When in come in speed Riza is the one of the bests, she using it as an advantage to her enemy.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Riza Full moon Form

Full Moon Form

Full Moon Form - When the moon is in full form her werewolf abilities will increase.

Character DatabaseEdit

  • Riza Anime Appearance


The relationship of this character to the other characters.


Riza's relationship with Hime is kind of like a love/hate relationship. They sometimes get along and sometimes they don't. However, ever since Riza has been living with Hime, she has been treating Riza like a sevant even though Riza always says "I,m not your servant!" but she is sometimes there for Hime.

She also have reason why she keep accompany Hime's side. She want to take revenge for her brother's death so in order to find the culprit he must follow Hime.

Hiro Hiyorimi

When they first met Riza saw Hiro as a good person when he tried to save a puppy and she has liked him ever since. But sometimes she can be very cold on Hiro. There are times where Riza doesn't want to be bothered with Hiro, like sometimes when Hiro is in danger she is to busy eating to do anything so Hime would have to force her to go save Hiro. However, even though Riza is sometime cruel to Hiro she still has deep feelings for him.

She also showing a bit jealousy when Reiri is teasing Hiro. She seems have a romantic feelings to Hiro.

Reiri Kamura

Riza and Reiri have like a sister relationship, like when sisters don't get along with each other.They always teasing and fighting each other but despite of their differences when it comes in problems the the two of them is working together that showing the hidden bond between them. Reiri and Riza both don't admit they like each other.


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