List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#1 Princess ResurrectionEdit

  • Princess Resurrection
  • Sawawa eating Parfait
  • Sawawa removing the woods
  • Sawawa helping Flandre

In the beginning of the series she was shown eating parfait in a cafe.

When she was arrive at the mansion she started to clean the house before Hime comes home.

She notice someone is coming and see Flandre carrying a luggage and decided to help her.

Ep#2 Princess DestructionEdit

  • Princess Destruction
  • Sawawa asked by Hime
  • Sawawa is going out to do some shopping
  • Hiro locked the gate
  • Sawawa enjoy the scene

While Sawawa is busy cleaning the house Hime ask her were is Hiro, She tell Hime that Hiro is go to school.

When sawawa is go out and do some shopping she leave the house to Flandre and said Flan-chan, I need to go shopping i will leave the house to you.

After shopping she was shocked when she see the house totally wrecked up when suddenly Hiro forced her to go outside.

In the scene were the fire is burning the mansion sawawa watch the house burn down.

Ep#3 Princess RampageEdit

  • Princess Rampage
  • Sawawa with Flandre serving Hime
  • Sawawa going out to buy something
  • Sawawa thinking if that women is a guest
  • Sawawa with Hiro and Flandre

While they serving Hime, hime said she need more servants and sawawa doesnt know what is really happening so she tought that they not enough to serve hime.

Sawawa is gonna do some shopping and in her way she see a women with a bike name Riza heading to the mansion and sawawa think that maybe that girl is a guest of Hime and when she try to go back Hiro stop her and said he will take care of everything. And then sawawa continue on shopping.

In the last scene Sawawa shown serving Hime again with flandre and hiro.

Ep#5 Princess BloodlineEdit

  • Princess Bloodline
  • Sawawa see Hiro is in a good mood
  • Sawawa asking Hime what is she like for dinner

When sawawa see Hiro she ask him to help her for the dinner and notice that Hiro is in the good mood today.

At night she ask hime what she like for dinner but hime tell her that she will have a day off.

Ep#6 Princess AllianceEdit

  • Princess Alliance
  • Sawawa after she clean the backyard
  • Sawawa calling Sherwood, Sherwood chan
  • Sawawa thinking what will their breakfast
  • Sawawa ask Hiro if he could do the garden after school
  • Sawawa cleaning while the vines start to move
  • Sawawa is going out to shopping
  • Sawawa sense something
  • Sawawa distracted by the Parfait
  • Sawawa enjoy the parfait given to her by the costumers
While cleaning the backyard Hiro arrive with someone and then she went to the house to prepare a tea to the visitor.

While sherwood and hime is in the house she serve their tea and call sherwood, sherwood chan.

In the morning she was seen cleaning again and when hiro is going to school she ask him if he could do the garden after school.

When the vines started to move she decide to do some shopping.

In the Dandy Cafe she was seen sense something when the mansion explode but she was destructed by the parfait. The two costumers gave their parfaits to sawawa and she was seen happy about it.

Ep#7 Princess ElectricityEdit

  • Princess Electricity
  • Sawawa computing their Electric bill
  • Sawawa holding the electric bill list
  • Sawawa asking Flandre if she using the electricity too much
  • Sawawa tell flandre that use the electricity wisely
  • Sawawa standing with Flandre
  • Sawawa thanking Hime for liking her food
  • Sawawa see Riza is coming
  • Sawawa ask by Riza to bring her a food
  • Sawawa walking in the hall way
  • Sawawa pushing a cart with the food
  • Sawawa arrive at the living room
  • Sawawa see the living room is deserted

In the living room she was seen computing their electric bill and see their bill is too much. She say to hime that she will not use to much electricity again but hime say she is not the one who use the electricity too much and hime look to flandre.

After Hime eat her meal she was seen standing with Flandre when suddenly Riza came and ask her if she could get her a food and sawawa go to the kitchen and get her food.

But when she arrive at the living room with riza's food she see Hime and the others disappears.

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