Name Sherwood
Jp name シャーウッド, (Shauddo)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Scarlet
Personal Information
Status Alive
Race Phoenix
Gender Female
Relatives Fuhito (Distant Relative)

Duken (Distant Relative)

Sylvia (Eldest Sister)

Gilliam (Older Brother)

Salieri (Older Brother)

Emile (Older Brother)

Severin (Older Brother)

Hime (Older Sister)

Group Royal Family
Manga CH6
Anime EP6
Japanese Ai SHIMIZU
English Hilary HAAG
Sherwood is the third daughter and the third princess of the Royalty.


Sherwood appers to be 9 years old. She appears to be very smart for her age, and very brave. Sherwood has yellow hair which is in a ponytail and is curly, she has red eyes like Hime, a black gothic style dress with red roses down her hips, high thigh socks and red buckled shoes.
Sherwood Appearance

Sherwood Anime Appearance

Personality Edit

Even as a child, she is not afraid to die. She likes to search for the rarest monsters.  



List of Episodes were this character appear.

Hiro HiyorimiEdit

Sherwood has a close relationship with Hiro. Sherwood has strong feelings for Hiro and Hiro already knows about it but doesn't return the feelings to her. Sherwood wants Hiro to be her servant and would do anything to make him leave Hime to come and live with her, but Hiro refuses her offer and would perfer to stay with Hime. Whenever Hiro only things about Hime Sherwood would get jealous and would order Francisca to beat him up however, Hiro would still protect her which means he thinks about her too.

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