Triffid is the plant that Sherwood release to kill Hime.


He appear to be like a giant worm plant. He have fangs all over his mouth with big petals around in his neck.


His aggresive



List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#6 Princess AllianceEdit

  • Princess Alliance
  • Triffid when still a seed
  • Triffid growing
  • Triffid fully grow appearance
  • Triffid vines
  • Triffid fighting Hime
  • Triffid going to strike again
  • Triffid mouth
  • Triffid ate the gas
  • Triffid vines burn after the explotion
  • Triffid destroying the tent
  • Triffid chase Sherwood
  • Triffid throw Francesca
  • Triffid going to eat Sherwood
  • Triffid bite Hiro
  • Triffid toss Hiro to eat straight to his stomach
  • The sun sets
  • Triffid withered
  • Triffid's body turn to dust

Triffid first appearance is just a little seed hold by Francesca. He was release by her and when the sun comes up he started to grow.

Triffid vines crawl all over the mansion and when he finish take over the mansion he attack Hime and the rest.

In the middle of the fight he taking advantage, he and Hime fighting each other. But suddenly the fight turns up side down when riza charge and hold his mouth, hime holding a lighter and when flandre throw the gas he explode causing the mansion burn as well.

In the forest he seem still alive, he seen chasing sherwood and seem he want to eat her but when the sun sets he died.



He was release by the orders of sherwood.


He was planted by francesca.

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