Werewolf is a race of great warriors in Monster World.


The Werewolfs appear like a Wolf.


  • The werewolfs is a race of honorable, great and powerful warriors.
  • Before a battle starts they telling their name and their fathers name, it proves that they fighting with there honor and for their fathers honor.
  • This race also known to be a hot headed race. They easily get angry on something even its just simple. Especially when a vampire involved.
  • Their mortal enemy is the Vampire Race.


Normal AbilitiesEdit

  • Wolf Paw - Their fists is their best weapon of all. They can use it in close combat fights.
  • Speed - When it comes in speed their race is one of the bests. They can use this as advantage to the enemy.
  • Sense of Smell - The sense of smell of a werewolf is greater than any race. They using it to track down the target.
  • Sense of Hearing - The sense of hearing of a werewolf is greater than any race. They using it to sense the place in case of any danger will come.

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Full Moon - When the moon is in full form the abilities of a werewolf will increase.
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