Name Zeppeli
Jp name ツェペリ (Tseperi)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold
Personal Information
Status Deceased (Killed by Franken)
Race Vampire
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Group Zeppeli Group Members
Manga Unknown
Anime Episode 8
OVA He did not appear
Japanese Kenyū Horiuchi
English Unknown
Zeppeli is the owner of the Sasanagi Hospital which is the vampires' base.


He appear to be a male vampire with dark skin, silver hair and a goatee.


He like playing games with Hime but his true motives is unknown.



List of Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#1 Princess Resurrection Edit

  • Princess Resurrection
  • Zeppeli and Housei appear in a dark room

In the first Episode he and Housei appear, he's drinking his wine when suddenly one of the nurse report that a corpse run away.

Ep#7 Princess ElectricityEdit

  • Princess Electricity
  • Zeppeli standing in the roof top of the hospital
  • Zeppeli raised his glass of wine
  • Zeppeli appears after the fight between Hime and Housei
  • Zeppeli still standing when Reiri arrive
  • Zeppeli introduce himself to Reiri
  • Zeppeli and Reiri talking
  • Zeppeli say " Lets get along Reiri-chan "

In the episode he was seen standing in the roof top of the hospital while drinking his wine. He hear Housei laugh and he say " What an absolutely vulgar laugh "

After housei been defeated by Hime he appears again. He was surprised to what happen seeing a master save her servant is quite rare.

When Reiri arrive he introduce himself and tell reiri that he was happy to meet her and say that he will not be bored in the city because hime is in there.

Ep#8 Princess Secret RoomEdit

  • Princess Secret Room
  • Zeppeli's bat returning home after going to Hime's house
  • Zeppeli's Radio reporting that a typhoon is heading to the city
  • Zeppeli grab a bottle
  • Zeppeli's place
  • Zeppeli hear the news
  • Zeppeli's familliar bat report that Hime and the others go out
  • Zeppeli planning something
  • The Owner (Zeppeli Disguise) talking to Riza
  • The Owner tell them that they just have one room left because the motel is pack that night
  • The Owner tell them that they have Salon (Entertainment Room)
  • The Owner and the others see a dead man laying
  • The Owner try to call but the Telephone line is been cut
  • The Owner and the others see the girl with violet shirt dead
  • The owner and the other two guys talking about a disease
  • The owner being forced to explain what is happening
  • The Owner and the others hear the little girl story
  • The Owner and the others see the third victim
  • The Owner locking the door
  • The Owner looks confuse
  • The Owner alongside with Hiro see the monster called " That "
  • The Owner see Reiri carrying a big drill
  • Zeppeli revealed himself
  • Zeppeli talking to Reiri
  • Zeppeli asking Reiri to play a game of chess with him
  • Zeppeli smilling

Zeppeli seen cleaning his bottles while listening to the radio. He hear that a strong storm is coming and suddenly a bat came and tell him that Hime and the others is going out and by the look of his face he seem planning something.

He disguise himself as the Motel Sasanaki Owner to watch Hime and the others.

After the incident and when Hime and the others go home he revealed himself and say "well be waiting for you next time" and suddenly Reiri show.

In the last scene he say to reiri that he have a wonderful weekend and ask her to play a game of chess with him.

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